Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wet dog

March 15
Rain, rain, and more rain was the description of today in Portland. My flat ironed hair turned into an afro by lunchtime. We drove from campus to Portland- about 30 minutes away. Don’t worry, I didn’t drive. I held onto Nadine’s harness through the driver’s window, and she did most of the work. I work one-on-one with an instructor on routes through the city blocks. Portland is set up on a grid like Salt Lake, so it’s a familiar layout. Did Brigham come here for dog training, do you think? We worked on street crossings, and navigating around obstacles- people included. Before taking Nadine out, my instructor held onto the front of a harness while I held the back as if working with the dog. I give commands and gestures just like I would with Nadine. I’m sure we look pretty funny to those around us, but, heck, I can’t see them.
At one point, a woman walked near me, and in a worried voice, said, “Oh, no! You lost your dog!” No, I did not say, “Oh, no, you lost your mind!” Grin. I’m pretty sure she was kidding around. I hope so anyway.
We did go on some routes with Nadine in the harness, so don’t be alarmed that she felt left out. There is a center that GDB has down town, and she stayed there in a crate while I worked without her. Then, she came and was a great guide for me across Portland’s streets.
We learned to groom the dogs today. I brushed Nadine’s teeth for the first time. It was actually harder than it might sound. She just wanted to lick the poultry flavored tooth paste off the brush. It did resemble a bit of WWF action. Maybe I’ll try that kind of paste with the boys. They might not try to lie their way through the task, and since it tastes like chicken, it might count for a meal.
My brother asked a very important question that others may wonder about also, “Who does the poop scoop?” Great question! For the past few days, the instructor that goes out with us for relieving (for the dog) has scooped. But, starting tomorrow, I’ll be scooping up after dearest Nadine. I’m sure I’ll have some fun, if not messy, stories to share tomorrow night.
Nadine and I are developing more trust and working better together. We’ve worked hard, and it seems like I’ve had her more than a day and a half. She loves to play as well.


Ms. Clickety Clack said...

I'm all for the chicken flavored toothpaste - that would really help around this house. Not so sure about the amount of fresh breath that would provide. I'm so glad things are going well! Poop scooping is no fun any way you slice it - so as the toucan would say..." Follow your nose, it always knows!" Love ya! - Steph

Donna said...

Can't wait to hear the report on how the boys do with that toothpaste! And can't wait to meed Nadine.

Dessa said...

You'd think they would be able to train the dog to scoop up her own poop!

Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing over the visual image of you and the instructor with the harness and the lady saying,"Oh no! You lost your dog!"