Friday, March 25, 2011

Rest and Rap Up

March 25
Well, I’m still 39, but the hours are dwindling away. My cute group members brought me a bouquet of flowers and had the staff all sign a birthday card for me. Tonight, we are watching a movie and having snacks.
Today was pretty low stress. First, we went to a park to work on our handling of dog distractions. The problem was that it was raining and there were no dogs. So, we walked around a park in the rain and then got on the bus again. Wahoo! Such a great learning experience. Well, I did try a head collar on Nadine. It’s one you would use to have really good control of the dog’s head- like with dog distractions. It goes in a figure eight around the muzzle and head of the dog. I was all prepared to use it, but the only living animals around were geese. They didn’t bother Nadine much, but it was practice.
One funny thing happened in the park. I was nearing the end of the park path, and sang out loudly, “I can hear you!” to one of the class instructors approaching me; however, it wasn’t one of the instructors. It was just another poor soul out walking in the rain. She laughed, and kept on walking. Oops!
After the rainy park, we went to another mall to do some work. It was pretty uneventful. Nadine does love working inside, though. She books it and I constantly have to try to slow her down.
The rest of the day was spent going over our graduation for tomorrow, and talking through transitioning our dog team to our homes. It should be an adventure.
Oh, the kitchen staff made me a yummy chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Everyone has been very nice here. I can’t believe it’s over tomorrow. The things that can happen over 14 days…

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Ms. Clickety Clack said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Kris, Happy Birthday to you! You'll remember this birthday for a long time. A new year with a new friend and all new adventures in store. Enjoy it!