Monday, March 21, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

March 21
Well, let’s see. Today’s 3 routes were filled with working Nadine on, through, in, and around escalators, elevators, trains, buses, vans, cats, food courts with tons of people, crowded street corners with a pan handling guy in a wheel chair who solicited everyone but the girl with the dog, and walking unknown streets in the dark. But, it’s all in a days work.
The night route went fine, but I had to slow dearest Nadine down. She was so excited to work at night. My trainer wasn’t working tonight, so I was accompanied and coached by the class supervisor who I had a bit of trouble with the other night. You’ll be please, as I was, to know that he was totally kind, encouraging, and helpful. He did almost knock a bicycler off the sidewalk coming straight for me, and I can’t repeat the expressions he used because this is a family show. I enjoyed our time together and he gave me some good dog handling tips, although he did eat my piece of chocolate cream pie at dinner.
We also worked on airplane travel. They have a few rows of plane seats set up, and I learned how to get Nadine to lie down on the floor between my feet with her bum under the seat in front of me. She was a bit hesitant at first, but then began to enjoy herself. What a funny dog.
So, all in all, even though it was so hard to get up this morning, it was a successful day in dogland. Nadine is working very hard for me and keeping me safe. Thanks for all your prayers, blog comments and emails. It’s nice to know there is still a world out there where people care for me. This group here is great, but it’s helpful to receive your encouragement. I can’t believe I have only had Nadine one week, and have learned so much.


Renel said...

The learning curve is so amazingly high, but you and Nadine are hanging in there for the real deal. What a fantastic demanding time for you. So proud of you!


Ms. Clickety Clack said...

Go kris and Nadine! Have dog, will travel! I'm so proud of you, I know that's all I say, but it is the truth. I don't go in crowded food courts and I can't imagine navigating like you did. Good work! You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you've been gone a month. Are you on radio silence or are you "hiding" by the time you get "home" at night? So proud of you!