Thursday, March 17, 2011

That's gunna leave a mark

March 17
What has six legs, shin splints and whip-lash? Right. It’s me and my guide Nadine. I’m the one with shin splints because I do so much walking with this dog that thinks she’s running the Kentucky Darby.
Part of our work is to rework the mistakes she makes when she doesn’t clear obstacles and I hit them. So, most of the time, Nadine does great, but there were a few bonks today. As we went up one street corner, my dearest Nadine walked me straight into a street pole. I smashed into it and did a nice rebound. Later, I wondered why my neck was so sore and stiff, and then I remembered my collision. I’ve been icing both my shins and neck today. It’s a pretty rough world out there.
After we did two routes in Portland, we went to Gresham to a Fred Meyer to practice moving turns. Who knew Freddy was still alive and here in Portland. I guess Smith’s hasn’t found him yet.
Anyway, again Nadine thought she should race through the isles while I tried to slow her down. It’s not very good to go fast indoors and weave through shopper traffic. I did pass my test; however, and now I can use the harness indoors instead of just heeling her.
It’s strange sometimes as I’m in my room. I forget there is a dog in here and then freak out when I hear breathing in the corner. It is a bit different than Lucy’s constant snorting and snoring. Nadine is very quiet until she sleeps and then breathes out loud. Aren’t you glad you know that bit of trivia?
Tomorrow, I think the plan is to work in the mall in Portland and practice escalators. Wahoo! I’m gunna try to be brave.


Ms. Clickety Clack said...

ooh ouch! Do I need to send you some "Vitamin I?" Good luck at the mall - Get your track shoes on! Hang in there!

mr. underhill said...

You need to run Nadine into a light post to get even and so she knows how it feels and doesn't do it again. I'm sure she's great though.

Anonymous said...

So here you thought you'd replace me with a trained guide dog. I was doing fine running you into posts all on my own. And dropping you off at the metal detector and forgetting you can't see. And spraining your ankle on the edge of the side walk. And leaving you at the car door while I walk into the store without you. Who needs Nadine when you've got me! Woof