Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Good Day

March 19
Hallelujah! Today was a much better day. Thank you all for your comments of encouragement. Your words have really helped me. This has certainly been an up and down experience –in so many ways.
I am so grateful for my fantastic trainer. She is so patient with me, doesn’t speak rudely, and teaches me so much. I had a very successful trip to Portland. First, we went to the mall again and worked on escalators. Nadine just loves to ride those dang things. We both did very well and our entrances and exits were smoother than yesterday.
Then, I learned how to board the MAX, which is the light rail system here. We road down to the Portland Zoo via a tunnel 260 feet under ground. It goes through a hill and quite fast. We got off the train at an underground stop, and learned how to be safe near the tracks. We worked elevators and some pretty crazy stairs and then boarded another train back to town.
Leaving Portland, my trainer took me and another girl in our training group) who shall remain nameless due to confidentiality) to a Pet smart in Gresham. Our goal was to see how our dogs reacted in an environment where there were other dogs and lots of distractions. We walked in front of the store outside so Nadine could get used to things- watching dogs go in and out. She was distracted and not following commands, so my trainer worked with me on my tone. She said, “Make her see God.” In other words, I was speaking too nicely to her and not intensely enough. Let’s just say that Nadine is now receiving revelation. She worked great through the store and followed commands great. When she lunged for other dogs, I put her in a Time Out. It’s not a new program –Time Out for Dogs- by Deseret Book. It’s a technique to halt all activity and let her know I mean business. I hold her collar firmly and stop all motion by bringing her close to my leg and holding for 7 seconds. I don’t say anything or make any other movements. It worked well and we had no dog fights in Pet smart. WE both had a very successful experience.
So, onward and upward. Or, forward and sit. I’ve almost made it through a whole week. Wahoo! Tomorrow I get to rest!


Becky said...

Glad you had a good day! I have sweet memories of going to church there. With my first guide I was there for four weeks.

Renel said...

You are awesome!
Loud cheers and a few whoooo's for the woman and dog duo. Your two boys and I spent the afternoon and evening together. We played basketball, saw the movie 'Rango' [both of my thumbs down], had 'In and Out', watched BYU win big and made brownies, ETC. Fun times with very nice people.

Hope you can get some good rest.

Ms. Clickety Clack said...

I am so happy to hear that things are going better! Enjoy your rest today - I missed you teaching last week, although Joey did a great job. Have a great day today! Love ya!

Sandrelle said...

Yay to a good day!! You rock sister--always keeping your sense of humor through it all. Love you!