Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trusting in the Lord....still

This faith filled story comes from a sweet woman who has sought holy places through her hard times. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


“One of our trials came through our second son, Daniel. He was born in 1975. At the age of 3 ½ after a couple months of severe illness, he was diagnosed with stage 4 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He spent 6 weeks in the hospital the first go round, 3 of them in intensive care where he endured a cardiac arrest and a respiratory arrest before he came home. We went to the clinic about 5 days a week for several months for treatments, etc. Then, his lungs became very sick again and he spent another 6 weeks in the hospital enduring all kinds of tests, and another lung biopsy. After this hospitalization he withdrew inside himself and became as a baby, which was pretty scary. I had to force feed him and change diapers again! But, he emerged from that like a flower after several weeks.

Some time during all of that I thought it was unfair that he have to endure all of this… Again and I cried mightily unto the Lord….in the middle of a bathroom in the hospital. It was that place that became a Holy Place to me and my soul was comforted and I knew things would be alright—whether he lived or died. That was our first year.

Fast forward through other things, (like a 107 degree fever for a week), where he had a major seizure, due to the intrathecal chemotherapy they administered (into the spinal canal) which was an overload on his system. They couldn’t get the seizure stopped for hours and he was once again admitted to the hospital for a little bit after a crazy ride in an ambulance. He was a real fighter.

When he was 5 he had a relapse in his brain and had radiation for a month. He endured many biopsies and sickness (due to the chemotherapy) for 6 years! Then, when he was 9 he had a bone marrow transplant which was a real trial for the whole family where he sustained not only the lethal doses of chemotherapy and radiation but many other trials, not to mention he and I had to live in Seattle for 5 months. Our family was 3 hours away and they came up on weekends. The year after the transplant he started having little seizures, which to this day he still has occasionally. He also had to have growth hormone shots for 2 years as his bone plates were closing too fast due to the radiation. He is now 34. It’s been 25 years since his transplant! He has very little short term memory due to the effects of everything on his little developing mind during those early years. He has some long term memory and also has a few other little disabilities. But, he is able to work at a grocery store and for the most part can take care of himself with a little help. He still lives with us, but at times it is difficult. He can not drive. But, we are so blessed. I learned during all those long years more about Heavenly Father and his sacrifice of His son for us. It became a Holy Place.”