Friday, May 24, 2013

The Heart Specialist

I recently received a message from a sweet woman who heard me speak at a Time Out For Women event. After describing some heart problems I was having, I talked about the different conditions we experience while on the path of discipleship. I wanted to share her story. I love how she refers to Christ as a “specialist” who can and did heal her broken heart. “I too have dealt with a heart that likes to race. Sometimes for no reason. Like when I am asleep. Although one morning it started racing after doing a strenuous exercise routine. I am not sure how high it was, but it wouldn't stop. By the time my husband arrived from work and the EMT's got to our house and hooked me up it was 220. And it just kept going and going. They asked me to bear down but that didn't help. So they loaded me into the ambulance and while going to the hospital, they gave me the med that stopped and started my heart. Although, they didn't tell me that that is what they were doing. They just told me that I would feel funny for a minute. And I did. It felt like I was being tipped upside down and all the blood was rushing to my head. Then I was fine. My heart rate started slowing down and soon it was back to it's normal range. Well soon a heart ablation was scheduled and wow. Not an easy thing to go through is it? But my heart no longer races and it has been almost a year and a half since my procedure and I am back to doing my strenuous workouts without any worries of a racing heart. I know that Heavenly Father was with me the whole time healing my "broken heart" Well a few months after that I went through a really rough experience where I was shunned and betrayed by one who I considered to be my best friend. I was devastated and hurt deeply. My heart literally "broke". But thank goodness I knew just where to turn. And I sought my Savior, the One Specialist who could heal my heart and make it stronger than ever. And through time I have gained a New heart that is stronger and better than ever. And I have developed a friendship with the One who will never betray or shun me.” Thank you, Marilee, for offering evidence of the power of Christ to heal.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Place of Hope

I was sent this link to a video that is very inspiring. I love how Heather says that she opperates from a place of hope.