Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Play

March 16
Hurray! Nadine pooped, and I scooped! I know it is very exciting and you wish you could do that my Braille, but you’ll get over it.
I spent another exhausting day working the streets of Portland. Well, you know what I mean. Hmm. Anyway, Nadine guided me on over a one mile route in the morning, and then we did it again in the afternoon. The weather was much better, but still sporting that afro. I’m trying to call her something like Dini, but it’s hard just to remember Nadine when I’m giving commands. She worked very hard to manoover around obstacles on the sidewalks, and I didn’t even get hurt today. I’m not in bed yet, so there is plenty of time still.
We have dinner, and then more lectures. Tonight we’re talking about play, and getting some toys for the dogs. That should be great for all of us who probably couldn’t handle much more info tonight.
At the center in Portland, they have some big bean bags to relax on, and Nadine heads straight for them when it’s time for break. We may need a love sack or bean bag if anyone has connections. She loves to cuddle on the bag. Actually, I laid down on it and she pstood on my stomach with her front paws. I thought this dog might be different from Lucy- thinking I am her furniture. But, I guess not. No, really, I don’t let her sit on me. I might get a collapsed lung or something.
Nadine is getting a bit punchy. During class tonight, she was trying to be sneaky and do the army crawl over to another dog. She really wants to play tonight. It’s a good thing she just got a huge bone to chew instead of my hand.


Renel said...

A very amazing day.
Can you believe all you have learned in such a short time. Life as you have known it has changed, again.

Ms. Clickety Clack said...

I am so Proud of you Kris! The Afro I'm sure is beautiful and well worth it. It sounds like Nadine loves you so much and this is going to be a great friendship. Nadine is lucky to have you and so am I. Love you friend! Have fun today!

Becky said...

Bringing back many memories of our times in Portland training. Enjoy!

mr. underhill said...

Wow, keep up the good work. And stay away from "working the streets."

Anonymous said...

Did you have the poop scoop shovel and a brown lunch bag? Did you think of Jackie?