Saturday, March 26, 2011

Official Guide Dog Team

March 26
Well, it’s official. Nadine and I are now graduates of Guide Dogs for the Blind. We had our graduation ceremony today and it was a great experience.
First, I met with Kyra and Richard who were Nadine’s puppy raisers. They flew in from Colorado for the occasion. WE got to know one another, and they were able to spend time with Nadine. She was sooooo excited to see them. I thought she’d blow up.
During graduation, they have the student come up on stage from the right and the puppy raisers bring the dogs in from the left. They hand over the leash at that time to the student, and both have a minutes to share their feelings with the audience. Our group balled all the way through the ceremony. Of course, I didn’t weep, but I did get choked up when I thanked my instructor Michelle and my group.
Afterwards, Kyra and Richard took me out for desert for my birthday. I had a huge chocolate shake. Nadine was very good under the table. It was my first time alone with her as my dog.
Later, I went to dinner with my fantastic friend and was able to meet her husband and daughters. We were friends since pre-school, but lost track of each other for years. It was so great to spend time with her, and made my birthday special.
Nadine has hit the sack, and I’m all packed up to leave at 5:30 am. It’s going to be an adventure to travel for the first time with a guide dog. Please buckle your seat belts and return all seat backs and tray tables to their forward and locked positions.


Sandrelle said...

Happy Birthday!! Let me know when you've settled in at home and can go out for lunch to celebrate! Congratulations on getting through the training, I know that was incredibly challenging!

Becky said...

Congratulations! Isn't graduation an amazing experience! Wishing you well in the transition and I hope Cricket and I's paths cross soon with you and Nadine!

Ms. Clickety Clack said...

YAY! You're home! Congratulations on Graduation! I'll give you a few hours to relax and then we've got to come and meet Nadine. Way to go Kris! You did it!

parkcityearthball said...

Congratulations you little graduate!!! I'm sure that Nadine and Lucy will become best pals. *wink* Getting home into a "normal" existance, sure to be a hit. Come on over...set a spell...we'll talk over coffee. *laughing*

Gwendolyn said...

Hi Kris, It was lovely to meet you, see Nadine, and give you a hug after your speech at the business conference at Deer Valley. I'm so glad I came. I almost stayed home because I'd been tired with some health issues. Your talk lifted my spirits so much, and it gave me lots to write about to my two missionary children! Love, Gwen Soper
P.S. My blog is called fireflies of hope dot com. My email address is