Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Title Page?

As I asked myself, “What in the world can the title page of The Book of Mormon teach be about making my hard times into holy places?”, I found the answer in the first few lines. This ancient record was made by “
commandment, and also by the spirit of prophecy and of revelation.” So, if I read the record looking for help and answers, I will receive them in the same way it was written- through prophesy and revelation.

The Spirit can and has taught me through personal revelation as I have studied The Book of Mormon and searched for the doctrine of Christ within its pages. For example, I remember a time on my mission when I just felt like giving up. Every day was so difficult and I didn’t feel like I was doing much good. I came across a passage in 1 Nephi 3. No, it’s not verse 7- which you’d expect. It was the verse before. I read it this way,” Therefore go, my ]daughter], and thou shalt be favored of the Lord, because thou hast not murmured.”

I knew that, although things were very difficult and I wanted to complain and give up, I would receive the Lord’s help if I did not murmur. It was that simple –not easy, but simple. Each time I was tempted to complain, I recited this verse in my mind and remembered the promise to Nephi. This helped me resist my impulse to murmur. I was definitely blessed by the Lord to find happiness even when it was difficult. I am grateful for the merciful gift of personal revelation.


Renel said...

Funny you would say that - ". . . I would receive the Lord's help if I did not murmur." i. e. #2 on my New Year's Resolution List - Stop complaining.
Reading 1Ne 7:17 came the personal revelation pointing an alternate action to replace murmuring about 'bands'.

Kris said...

Good job!