Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Testimony of The Prophet Joseph

I am so grateful that Father in Heaven knows each of us by name and will teach us individually, in the exact way we can understand, what we need to know to accomplish the difficult things we are called to do. Joseph was taught by Moroni. This in its self is amazing to my human mind, but so natural to my spirit. Of course, Father would send the one who had charge over the plates to instruct the next person in his duty concerning them. And the repetition of his instructions to Joseph remind me that Father will do all he can to help us learn all we need to know.
I think of my children, and how often I say something like, “How many times do I have to tell you to do this?” Well, if I were trying to be like Father, I would ask, instruct, help and encourage as many times as it takes. Maybe these little children, are my little “angels” actually teaching me the lessons I need to learn- patience, tolerance, kindness, charity…. It sure is difficult sometimes, but if I look at it this way, hopefully, I can learn the lesson and not get disgusted that it takes so long and is so tiring. Afterall, Joseph got no sleep the night his instructions were repeated over and over. The next day, he was exhausted, and couldn’t do his work. It was then that his instructions continued and the message was repeated again.

I hope that I can have the same response as Joseph when I am asked to do extremely difficult things in my life. Joseph simply stated, “I obeyed”.

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