Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nephi's Example

Nephi is a great example to me when I am faced with a difficult challenge. Sometimes things seem simply impossible. I struggle to see how they will work out, but I have to trust that Father will direct things for my good.
When he goes back to get the plates from Laban, after he and his brothers had tried everything they could think of on their own, Nephi says, “And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do” (1 Nephi 4:6).
Nephi didn’t know how to solve the problem, but moved forward, trusting he would be directed. That is a key, I think, when things seem too hard. If we seek the Spirit, and live worthy of its companionship, we will be led, even if we don’t know exactly how to accomplish what we are asked to do.
I am dealing with a difficult situation right now, and I can’t see what I can do to help the outcome be positive. I am doing all I know how to do, and it may not be enough. But, I am trying to trust that I will be led by the Spirit. It’s hard, but it has got to be better than cutting off Laban’s head and then putting on his dirty clothes. I’ll have to remember that when I feel like cracking under the stress. J


Alyse Patrice said...

Kris! I love your blog! Last semester in my Book of Mormon institute class we spent a while talking about people like Nephi who were extremely good, but didn't recognize it. All he saw were his flaws. I love the scripture that says that he was young but had the desire to know the mysteries of God. When I get to heaven, I have a LONG list of people that I can't wait to meet, and Nephi and Lehi are among that list. I want to say to Nephi that whenever I needed a boost I always turned to read what he did to get out of the pickles he was in, his faith to do what the Lord wanted him to do. He never veered from what he knew was right and true. He was a little unsure, as we all are at times, but he always went on. Thank you Kris for sharing your stories and testimony with me and everyone else! You are truly an inspiration to me!

Kris said...

Thanks for your great insights.