Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dwell vs. Dwindle

I have always love words. It seems that some words sound like their meaning. Take for example, “dwell” and “dwindle” from The Book of Mormon. When the people dwell in righteousness, they are stable and firm in the gospel-they dwell in the bright light provided by Christ. But, when they “dwindled in unbelief” (1Nephi 12:22), their faithfulness faded away, decreased, or shrank. I picture the fading light of a candle as it burns down.
Whenever I hear these two words as I read, I ask myself questions to determine how stable or firm I am in the faith of Jesus Christ. Am I doing those things which will keep me anchored to my Savior? Are there things I should stop doing which are causing me to dwindle from that which I know is true?
It is interesting that as we read the story of the Nephites and Lamanites, we can see which way their behaviors, attitudes and words will lead them. They are either pointed in the direction to dwindle, or to stay firm in the faith and dwell.
I invite you to join me in evaluating your direction. Are you dwindling, or dwelling? What will you do or stop doing to keep you pointed to and dwelling with Christ?

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