Friday, July 1, 2011

Ready- Egg- Fire!

From my room, I could hear loud, random popping noises. I thought perhaps my darling children were destroying yet another part of the home or yard, so I bellowed for them. No guilty parties came forth, or even responded. I was on the phone with my sister, and explained the strange noises while I went to investigate. As I entered the kitchen, the pops grew louder, and then I knew. All I could do was scream and laugh.
“What’s wrong?” she yelled into the phone. “Are you alright?”
I had forgotten that I had put eggs on to boil, and all the water was gone from the pan. A dozen eggs were exploding. I grabbed the pan and rushed it to the sink to put under cold water. Just then, I was shot! An errant egg missile had hit and ricocheted off of me. Crazy! My kitchen had turned into a hard boiled war zone!
Luckily, I was not hurt, and a fire was avoided. Except for the terrible smell and a partially singed pan, no harm done. Consequently, however, I made a different recipe. as I worked, I kept finding bits of egg and shell in strange places throughout the kitchen.
Ah! Hit the deck! We’re having eggs for dinner!

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Stephanie said...

Oh this brings back memories! My mom put eggs on to boil and we went off to a restaurant for dinner. When we returned home, there was egg all over the walls and ceiling. The smell was horrendous and we cleaned for days. So glad the house didn't burn down. Its' an event I will never forget. I don't think we ate eggs for quite some time - very traumatic.