Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lessons from peas?

I just went out to the garden and picked some peas, a few beans, and some Swiss chard. I’m always amazed that when I plant seeds, something edible grows out of the ground.
I brought my small bounty into the house and shelled a few peas to taste. They were delicious!
“Wow!” I thought, “I grew these all by myself!”. But, then I wised up. I grew them myself? I knew that wasn’t true at all. I merely planted the seeds and provided the water. I don’t have any power to cause those seeds to produce anything. This Earth, acting as it was directed by Christ when created, did the real work. The miracle of the plan of Heavenly Father is manifested even in the little things- like the peas I ate. That is the amazing thing. Father directed and Christ created this planet for the family of Adam and made it so that seeds would produce after their own kind.
Isn’t it funny how little peas can teach so much? I mean, how many times do we think, “Look what I did?”, or” I did that myself!”? Our efforts are important for sure, but the real power, strength and ability comes from the Father. He lends us breath, and he helps us give all we can. And why does he do this? Love. He does and provides so much because he loves each of his children.
Anyway, just a little something to muse upon the next time you eat peas.

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Becky said...

Such a great reminder of an important life lesson. Thanks.