Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Summer is the time for reunions. Family members you didn’t know you had gather for food and fun, and when it’s over, the best reunion is with your mattress. It’s a lot of work to reune. So, why do we do it? Many people may answer, “Guilt!” But, deep down there is a stronger motive. It’s love, belonging and family ties which draw us to gather together and endure hours of heat.
This past weekend, my husband’s family had a 3 day reunion, and family members from across the nation came. It was great to see the camaraderie and love that was shared between people of different backgrounds and life experiences. Oh, the heat was trying, but worth it. My sons built friendship with cousins, and my husband was able to see uncles and aunts, and reunite with cousins he hadn’t seen in years. I think this was all pleasing to Heavenly Father. Why? Because this life is a time to build strong ties between family members. Sure, those ties may not be comfortable at all times, but our efforts are seen by heaven.
I really am grateful to be surrounded by and associate with good people. I’ll remind myself of this the next weekend I am sweating at a park somewhere, sitting in the dark and talking to near strangers in hopes of strengthening family bonds.


Anonymous said...

I read that as swearing in the dark and then reread! I'm so glad I was blessed enough to be able to be your sister. I'll sit and sweat next to you at any old reunion any old time. I'll sit and swear next to you too while we sweat.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad James was recovered enough from Girl's Camp to reune with you. He was such a great helper and we are so glad he came. I know he thought crafts would be in order - not tear down and move then rebuild camp. He is a trooper and he was an eye witness of the great bear adventure! What fun...I'm sure he won't sign up again.