Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warn out and wondering

Do you ever have those days when you wonder what your purpose is? I have had a few of those lately. I think they come more when I am not feeling well. There seems, some days, to never be enough time to do all I want to get done. Then, sometimes, when my body isn’t able to do much of anything, I give up a little on myself. Does that make sense?

The past few days, my body hasn’t been cooperating, and I have wondered where my energy has gone. Then, I review my past several weeks and realize all the times I have spoken at different events- girls camps, youth conferences, relief societies. Hmm. It’s no wonder my body is on strike. Still, since you rarely see the influence you have on others, I hope I have done some good in the world.

I just received an email from a woman who was at one of my Time Out talks. She just read my book and emailed to thank me for sharing my story and helping her through some painful times. It’s those kind words that help me see that my little efforts are helping some one- even if it’s just one someone. So, I’ll rest a bit, and then my body will kick back into gear. I’ll be up and at’em again soon.

Thanks for being part of my self talk this morning. Grin.


Becky said...

I haven't had a chance to hear you at time-out yet but hope to. Also, loved your book and uplifted me. Hope today is a good day.

Stubbs Love said...

I sure loved your book and it too helped me have a whole new perspective on Holy Places. I even have my own Holy Places page on my personal blog so that I can take the time out to recognize the influence of the Spirit helping me strengthing me and guiding me.thank you!
Darcy Stubbs