Monday, June 20, 2011

Check out this program

Recently, I have been listening to some fabulous podcasts, and wanted to share the source. It is a program on the Mormon Channel called “Conversations”. I’ve learned great truths from the apostles who are interviewed, and I marvel how they teach truth while answering the questions of the interviewer.

Yesterday, I listened to an interview of Elder and Sister Bednar, and had to start taking notes as they spoke. Elder Bednar has such a grasp on the doctrine of Christ and boldly shares it. I love how he teaches that as we act in accordance to true principles, we will receive power from the Holy Ghost. Now, this is nothing new, but as he teaches it, I feel the Spirit teach me how to apply it.

Another podcast that is absolutely amazing is that of Gary serran. He shares his experience about a car crash, losing his wife and children, and how the atonement of Christ has helped him through this and more. His attitude is incredible.

I really appreciate this program and hope it might be helpful to you. Let me know which episodes mean the most to you. Oh, check out how the apostles all speak so lovingly about their wives. So cool!

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T said...

Just found your great blog, and wanted to comment. I absolutely LOVE the Conversations on the Mormon Channel, I also love Enduring it Well episodes (I can listen to Meg Johnson over and over again). My sister and I even decided to create a "Conversation Club," where once a week we listen to a Conversation episode, and then share insights about what we have learned. It has been life changing. Great stuff within those Conversations.