Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reason to Rejoice

I’ve learned something new in Alma chapter eight this morning. When Alma sorrows because of the wickedness of the people of Amoniha, and angel appears to him, and before giving him instruction, he encourages him and blesses him. Then, Alma is told that he has reason to rejoice. When he follows the command to return to the city, Alma goes by a different way. Here he meets Amulek whom the Lord has prepared to care for him and join Alma’s ministry.
Now, what could be new in this account? It’s the same story I’ve read many times, but I see a pattern for myself. When I’m discouraged and ready to give up, the Lord is there with encouragement and instruction. He helps me see that I have reason to rejoice. I then can return to the problem in another way which the Lord has prepared for me.
I know that problems in the life can become more than we can handle, but we are not left to face those problems alone. We have reason to rejoice. New ways will be shown to us in order for our success. “Moreover, though we live in a failing world, we have not been sent here to fail” (Neal A. Maxwell, “Encircled in the Arms of His Love,” Ensign, Nov 2002, 16).
Our Savior will help us even in, and especially in, extremely difficult circumstances. He is the reason to rejoice.

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Becky said...

Beautiful - thank you for sharing. Indeed we have reason to rejoice amongst it all. I hope to hear you speak one of these times ...