Friday, March 19, 2010

Deep in the Earth

As I’ve been learning about the Anti-Nephi- Lehis, I’ve wondered about the significance of their burying their weapons “deep” in the earth. They could have thrown them in the river or sent someone to take them far away and get rid of them. But, they dug a deep whole and buried them.
They did this as a testimony to the Lord- to show him of their Ernest intent and complete repentance of their sins. They turned to Christ and completely away from their former ways.
When our difficulties and hard times come from our sins or wrong choices and we try to repent, how dedicated our we to turning away from our sins? Do we burry them “deep”, or do all we can to leave them behind? Do we desire so much to be like Christ that we’d do anything not to repeat our offense? Real repentance is just what these followers of Christ show us. They did all in their power – including die- in order to keep their covenants. They were grateful for the atonement and mercy of Christ so their stains could be washed away. They did not hold onto their sins just incase they needed them later.
Are we this dedicated to our covenants? Are we this grateful for the atonement? Do we hold onto our temptations and not completely give up our options to sin?
I know that as we follow the example of these righteous saints, we will become more like our Savior and many of our hard times will be avoided.

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