Friday, January 27, 2012

It Matters!

Well, it’s Friday once again, and I’m wondering what I’ve done with my week. Ever feel like that? Of course, I’ve done tons, but looking back, which of it really matters? The things that are truly important, seem to be the things we down play. Take motherhood for example. When some one asks what you do, do you feel unimportant because all you do all day is take care of mundane things around the house, or care for little ones? These things don’t seem to measure as important on the world’s scale. I mean, this week, I’ve made tons of meals (most of which the kids won’t eat), done a gazillion loads of laundry, and cleaned the house so Many times I have lost track. The things we do for our families, whether our family consists of one or twelve are vitally important! No one usually says, “Wow! Thanks for cleaning up!” Or, if you have babies, how many times do you get thanked for all those blow outs you’ve changed? How many days do you wish some one would show appreciation or tell you what a wonderful job you are doing? I know that I wish I heard more reassurance that what I spent my time doing was of worth. So, to you and to myself, thanks for all your hard work! You might have a job during the day and have to come home to yet more work. You might live alone and never hear how awesome you are. You might be drowning in diapers and whining children, wondering if the chaos will ever end. You may be married, yet need your spouse to appreciate your efforts more. Where ever you are, what you do matters! What you and I do is part of Father’s plan. Whether or not we hear it, it is important! Thanks for sharing my personal pep talk. Now, let’s go make dinner!

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Melanie said... I have to? I don't wanna!

It's amazing how far the words "Thank you" can go. Every once in a while my kids will say "Thanks for dinner, Mom," without even being coaxed into it by either myself or my husband. It gives me that extra incentive to be kind to them (at least for the next 20 minutes). :)

I appreciate your words, as always.

So...thank YOU!