Wednesday, January 25, 2012


What kinds of fears do you have? Are they paralyzing fears that keep you from doing things you want to do? Are they small and easy to get over? How do you work through fear and worry? I had a smallish situation to deal with today that reminded me that fear can really get in the way of our progression, even physical health. I mean, I just got back from the pediatrist’s office where I had to get a steroid shot in both heels. I knew it would hurt because I had the same procedure done a few months ago. So, it took some effort to get the problem resolved. I made myself go into the doctor, take my shoes off, and stick my feet out for him to hurt. I didn’t want to do it! I don’t like pain. Still, I knew I needed to get the shots in order for my problem pain to decrease. You’ll be glad to know that I managed to do it without kicking the doctor. The kind of small pain I experienced today is infinitesimal compared to the excruciating amounts I’ve had in the past, yet anticipating any kind of pain can be too much. Sometimes, the anticipation is more strenuous than the actual experience; however, our fear is real. I am currently writing a book on fear, and would love your feedback and help. What kinds of things, experiences, situations, etc. do you fear? Do you fear for a child, yourself, about finances, health, what will happen after a divorce or loved one’s death…?How do you get through your fears? What would help you overcome fear in your life?


Stubbs Love said...

love this post! I actually finally overcame my fear of the dentist yesterday. A year ago, I had a fractured tooth that caused a lot of problems. I had to get the tooth removed, a bone graft and work on clearing up the infection caused by the fracture. Long story short, I was in and out of the dentist trying to clear up the infection, but because it wouldnt go away, the local numbing meds wouldnt work either..I felt everything involved with opening up the gum and scraping out bone!! After they cleared up the infection I had to go back, but I was so scared I kept cancelling my appt until yesterday..the numbing meds actually worked and I am slowly overcoming that fear!

Pauline said...

I have feared many things in my lifetime. But the most recent is when my daughter (33 yrs old) was diagnoised with breast cancer. No one likes to hear that C word. As you well know. And yes breast cancer is 99% curable. But it is something I never thought I would hear as a mother. It was so hard for me to wrap my head around the words that she told me. She living in No Utah and I in So UTah, she would call with the outcome of her appointments. I prayed so hard that there would be some kind of miracle, that she would call and tell me that it was really not what they had thought it to be. But with no avail. I remember telling her that I would take this from her, because I did not want her going through this. When I started hearing 4 rounds of chemo every two weeks and then 4 round of chemo every three weeks. Then there would be surgery to remove the breast, then there would be 6 weeks of radiation. Then reconstructive surgery. I really feared for my daughter. Not so much for her life but for the trial that was about to enter into her life. I know that sending poison through the veins cannot be a good thing, but that it was the very thing that would kill the cancer that was growing inside her body. The fear of having my daughter go through this was a difficult thing. What has helped me through this is spending time on my knees and going to the Temple and reading my scriptures to help with my fears. I know that my daughters fears have also been helped through many prayers being offered in her behalf, her name in the Temple and blessings of healing and comfort. I also know that we become stronger when we overcome the fear of the trials that we go through.

ME said...

I fear things like the possibility of me getting in a car accident. I fear getting that dreaded phone call. I think that in my lifetime, I have heard a telephone ring 100 million times, but so far there have been 2 times in which the phone has rung & I immediately knew that it wasn't good news on the other side.
I fear for my childrens safety, anywhere they go.
I used to be afraid of the dentist. Now it is just an anxiety. I go when before I wouldn't go to the dentist. I just have to talk to myself the whole time. That's what I have to do with all my fears. I talk to myself. I remind myself that fear is the opposite of faith. I think about scriptures in my head about faith, the mustard seed, acting on a particle of faith, etc. I pray alot too. I ask the Lord to calm my anxieties. I ask the Lord to help me feel the spirit so that I know that I made the right decisions.
I hope this helps.

Melanie said...

FEAR! Wow...that's a hard one.

I've dealt with fear and anxiety (and OCD) most of my life. Sometimes I've dealt with it very well...sometimes not.

I have a debilitating fear of vomiting. No joke. It's a somewhat silly thing...bug terrifying to me. It all stems back to my childhood.

As an adult I still have a lot of fears. The things that get me through are these: #1 Realizing that the Lord is in charge. No matter what I face, what I go through, the Lord has a purpose for me and all I go through has a purpose in that purpose. make sense? and #2 Staying in communication with the Lord. Praying, reading scriptures, listening to good music (Hilary Weeks is one of my FAVES), all help me to remember the importance of #1. and #3 Medication. :) Anti-anxiety medication has it's place and at this point in my life I am SO GRATEFUL for it. It gives me the power to pause and think things through rationally before I get in over my head.