Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Bread

This was shared with me this weekend, and I thought it was filled with hope. The talk that is referenced is fabulous! I hope it offers help to you in times of need. ”Elder CHRISTOFFERSON’S TALK was given last year about this time and it has been our guide the past year. I read it after the CES fireside he gave it at, then that night sat my husband down to watch it. As we sat together, we felt this strong feeling surround us. There was a glow around the computer and it was as if Elder Kristofferson was speaking only to us, the feeling was pliable. It was an amazing experience. I have listened to it over and over the past year. The only way we have survived the past year is from the mercy of the Savior giving us day by day our "daily bread". At times it was only a morsel, enough to get us to the next day. With no income for months and savings depleted we went quite a while wondering how to make it all work. It was a difficult thing to experience but an amazing lesson to learn. One that has strengthened my faith and trust in my Savior and His care of me and His answers to my pleadings. No words can express what has gone on in our lives the past few years, to say the least it has been gut wrenching, but so far we have made it because of the grace of Jesus Christ and we are stronger for it. As you can tell, that talk has changed my life!! It is my all time favorite. I hope it can propel you forward as well and I hope you can be blessed with the daily bread you need to keep you and your family fed - physically and spiritually!”

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Jodi said...

Kris I can so relate to your experiences. We are going through some of the same challenges. I will defiantly go listen to the recommended talk. I live in Lehi too. Weird that the Lord is using and teaching us in similar ways at this time. Due to illness, job loss and many other factors we are also grateful for the Lords Daily Bread. Keep the faith, this is all for our good. You are not alone. Sometimes it is important to know that others suffer too. When we are in a growing period it is hard to see that others are too.