Monday, November 22, 2010

It's All About Tonight

Recently, I was listening to the radio, and a particular song caught my ear. It’s got a great sound, and I like the singer’s voice; however, its message made me think and then laugh. It celebrated partying and having fun. It said, “It’s all about tonight!”
Hmm. If it is all about tonight, then I need to reexamine things. Let’s see, tonight I have to fix dinner, lasso children to help clean up and do homework, have family home evening- which is always accompanied by weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, get kids ready for and into bed, and so much more.
When it comes down to it, as hard as family life is, it really is all about tonight. It’s about staying calm when children aren’t nice to each other or to me. It’s about TRYING to invite the Spirit into our home. It’s about showing compassion and love to children and spouse when I really want to go hide under my bed and not come out until they’re all asleep. It’s about teaching my children the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as living it. It’s about following the prophet and having FHE when my kids say it is their least favorite time of the week -besides Sunday, of course. It’s about spending the time with my family that they need. It’s about taking time to communicate with my Father in Heaven.
It’s not about partying, meeting a new member of the opposite sex, and living it up. It is about living the commandments, receiving the blessings, and feeling the Spirit. When should we do these things? Right now- this day, this evening, this night. It really is all about tonight.


sarah baldwin said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!! as always, well said kris.

it's hard not to be bitter sometimes while my ex husband is out "living it up" and i'm here wranging kids to do homework, family night, bath, pj's scriptures and bed not to mention handling all the home duties myself.

yet... everything he has is of the world. everything i have is eternal.

kris, i love your inspiring insights. you are an amazing woman. i am inspired everytime i read your blog. it lifts me up! thank you.

so kris, IT IS all about tonight. and tonight i did as the prophets have asked, we ate dinner together, we had family night together, we had scriptures and prayer together and i even threw in a little alone time with each child as i snuggled them in their beds and listened to their ramblings (it's just how i am, what can i say, i'm an overachiever!) so for me, it is all about tonight, and i did live it up... LDS style! and i wouldnt' want it any other way :)

Becky said...

yes, we have this moment to treasure, enjoy and do what really matters. thanks for your inspiring posts.