Friday, July 18, 2014


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Hiroko said...

Hi Kris,

I don't know this is the right place, but I want to express my great appreciation.

I went through my trials and even though I am not sharing my outward adversities, I do want to share what I had learned from them.

I experienced the similar things as you wrote when the first ordeal hit me. I got very mad, devastated, despair, lost hope and even though you didn't, I murmured to God. I kept asking " Why???" " What could have I done?" " I want to go back to my past." " Why He is not answering my prayers when they are so righteous and when others can get those so easily?"

I had been that way for several years and healing didn't come until I finally seek help to the Savior.

Sometimes God let those hardships happen, so we have nowhere and nobody to turn but God. I wanted to be healed. I wanted to have my broken heart to be mended. I wanted to be comforted. So I started to search the scriptures, listened to the old and current conference talks, BYU talks, reading uplifting books like this and prayer.

When we consider the immense cost for our Master Healer to save us, yes, just like Elder Holland said Salvation is not the cheap experience. In order to getting to know Him, we must go through the fraction of what the Savior had to go through. But I still have many moments of depressing time, just like you mentioned. That's why we need constant spiritual nourishment. Because my adversities consume so much, I need tons of tons of nourishment to carry myself through.

I feel like you represented and spoke for me in your book. I am going to tell my dad about you and your book. He has suffering from Parkinson's Disease for more than 10 years.

He is Japanese (That means I am, too, of course.)and doesn't know English, so I can't just recommend your book to him. I wish your book was translated into Japanese, too, though.

He is taking missionary discussion now in Japan, but because he has been a Buddhist for his entire life, he doesn't understand and can't believe in Christ and scriptures yet. So I bear him my testimony through Skpe.

I think the firmer the foundation we had built on the rock of the Savior, the faster we emerge triumphantly from the depth of the ordeal. Even though I shouldn't compare, it took you only 1 year, which I think it is glorious, took me several years, and my dad is still in despair.

I know your book and how you let the Savior lift you and sustain you give my dad encouragement and hope on the Savior.

Thank you so much, Kris. I love you. Thanks to you, the promises that Savior gave us brings me greater and deeper meanings.