Friday, December 13, 2013

The First Star of Christmas

I have always loved studying the attributes and titles of Jesus Christ in the scriptures. I get excited when I find a new title that I can study and ponder. This stems from my mother’s love for the Savior, and that she taught us to search for Christ’s roles and titles. So, when I was told about a new product sold by Deseret Book, I knew exactly what to get my mom for Christmas. It’s always so difficult to find something for her that is meaningful, but not this year. I gave it early, so she could enjoy it before Christmas. Going crazy with curiosity yet? It is a box of twelve silver star Christmas tree ornaments. On each star is one of twelve titles of Christ from the New Testament. It was the perfect gift for my mom! I got some for my own family, too. My youngest son was as intrigued as I pulled each star out of the box. There were several titles that he had not heard before, and I was able to teach him. It was a sweet few moments for me to share with him my love for the Savior and the Savior’s love for him. “What does this mean, Mom?” Benji asked as he stumbled to sound out the word. It was the ornament that had “Mediator” on it. I love this title! Christ is the Mediator, the one who goes between, or bridges the gap between us and the Father. The “Guide to the Scriptures” states, “An intercessor or intermediary. Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and man. His atonement made possible a way for people to repent of their sins and become reconciled to God. • No man cometh unto the Father except by Jesus Christ: John; • There is one mediator between God and men:1 Tim. 2:5; • Christ is the mediator of a better covenant:Heb. 8:6; Heb. 9:15; Heb. 12:24; D&C 107:19; )The Holy Messiah shall make intercession for all the children of men:2 Ne. 2:9” This is a fabulous title to ponder on and learn about. It’s only through Christ, my Mediator, that I can be reconciled to my Father in Heaven. Through his atonement, Jesus is the link that enables my return to my God.

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Becky Andrews said...

Love this gift!! Went to Des Book after reading your post and they were sold out. Such a beautiful way to celebrate. Thanks for sharing and for your example.