Monday, October 14, 2013

All You Can do is Cry

I recently spoke in Washington State, and met so many wonderful women at the event. Each person who came to shake my hand seemed to be carrying very heavy burdens. One woman, in particular, has stayed on my mind. She was crying before she could even explain her situation. Her four –month- old daughter has just been diagnosed as being blind. I held her as she shook with tragic sadness. There had been many health complications, and now her baby would never see. She was embarrassed for falling apart, but I explained that she should go ahead and cry. She was worried about her baby, and worried about her future. I knew from experience that part of the sadness comes from a loss of your hopes and dreams. She was feeling loss on so many levels, and sometimes crying is all you can do. “You’ve had a good life. Haven’t you?” she asked in desperation. “Absolutely!” was my answer. Even with all the horrible things that have happened in my life, I have had a great life! Much of the good has come because my mother taught me the doctrines of Jesus Christ. I told her that her daughter, too, would be alright. She would have a fantastic life. I encouraged her to do as my mother had done, teach her sweet girl that Christ was there to help her with each step. I felt her emotionally square her shoulders and pull herself together in a resolve to do this for her daughter. This hurting woman walked away with a little more hope. Of course, all the problems were still there, but it seemed that she felt Christ there as well. I know that all of us face such difficult things. I also know that the atonement is for the pain that each of us carries. There is hope, and life is still worth living.

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Melanie said...

What a blessing your life experience and reassurance must have been to her. You are an amazing woman following God's will and touching the lives of others on the way.