Friday, November 11, 2011

No Wound is too Small

Today, I’ve been thinking about a sweet member of my family who has been aching deeply for the passed months- years. This week, she signed divorce papers. Although she knows it is the right thing to do, she still feels the loss – loss of her dreams and expectations. Her eternal family is now broken apart as well as her heart.

She doesn’t know when the pain will depart, but I know that through Jesus and his atonement, it will. As she picks up the pieces of her life and offers them to Christ, he will help her carry the burden until she sees the sunshine again. It’s only him who can make her whole again. It’s only Christ who can consecrate her pain and suffering, and that of her children, to their good and eternal benefit.

Grief isn’t easily shed. It takes time and grace to heal. And it takes suffering. That’s the part we would rather not experience, but if we turn to the Savior, our suffering can make us more like him.

I know that he waits with a compassionate heart for each of us to bring our pain to him. No wound is too small for the healing power of Jesus Christ. And one day, our pain will turn to joy and understanding.


Anonymous said...

Thank you my Krissy - for all the hours of sweet listening and encouragement you have shared with me thus far...I know that as it was with Alma, "being so very sorrowful; nevertheless the Spirit of the Lord did not fail him" it has also been with me. Alma also said "may the peace of God rest upon you, and upon your houses...and your children according to your faith and good works." I have felt that peace. It is a true blessing to have sisters like mine to walk through the "dark and dreary wilderness" with me. So glad we can find the "multitude of his tender mercies" as we continually help each other reach for the fruit designed to make one happy.

Melanie said...

Yes, thank you. It's that eternal understanding that I can't wait to have. Sometimes I believe I have my trials all figured out...and then i realize that I have probably not even scratched the surface of their significance.

I hope "she" finds happiness and is able to let her sorrow go soon.