Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot Dog Diggity

Necessity might be the mother of invention, but hunger is definitely the son. What do hotdogs and toasters have in common? Well, isn’t it obvious?
Recently, I entered my kitchen and found my eight-your-old son making lunch for himself.
“Watch this, Mom.” He said as he catapulted a hotdog out of the toaster. “It’s so cool!”
Our toaster oven has a defrost setting, so my son thought it could do the job on a frozen dog. Wow! If he positioned his bun just right, he might be able to stick the landing.
Because hotdogs are his recent meal of choice, my little Chef Boyardee found an alternative cooking style to the toaster. Instead of the boring old use of a pan to cook the mystery sausage on the stove, he placed it directly on the burner so that it would have the grill lines on it. I guess it tastes better that way. Well, it sure cuts down on dishes. Maybe the fire fighters like hotdogs too. There will be plenty when they come to extinguish the flames shooting forth from the burner.
No, my son isn’t always left unattended. In fact, I am the one who is normally filling the eating requests, but I thought these new and creative ways to cook a dog were worth sharing. It’s a new spin on an old favorite. So, try something new today. Perhaps, you should avoid the hotdog catapult and the burner dog; however, I’m sure you might break up the monotony of old tasks by adding a bit of imagination.
Now, what can we do with ground beef? Hmm.


Stephanie said...

I Love it! I can just picture it now - very creative boy, he is. Every little boy must try it once.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like his independence...I raised my kids to do a lot for themselves and now as young adults, they are still independent (not sure if that is good or bad)