Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who are you?

I am so glad that Halloween has come and gone! I just can’t stand it. I’m not sure why. Alright, maybe it’s because I gain ten pounds as I inhale miniature candy bars by the fist full, or maybe it has something to do with the annual argument with my son. He doesn’t understand why I don’t want him dressing up as something like Satan’s Guardian. Hmm. Someday he’ll get it.
This year, during Trick or Treat time, it was pouring rain, and the neighborhood kids were bundled up in coats. However, this did not detour them, or their soggy parents. They were still determined to get their candy. As they came to our door, my husband would say to them things like, “Who are you?”, “What are you supposed to be?”
I got to thinking about this. Imagine how it was from my perspective. I couldn’t see the children, just heard them answer my husband’s questions. They would answer, in excited tones,”I’m Harry Potter”, “I’m a witch”, “I’m a zombie”, “I’m a lady bug.” etc.
I know it sounds strange to compare Trick or Treating with spiritual things, but it brought to mind another meeting. When we knock at his door, what will be our response to Heavenly Father’s similar questions? Will we be able to say, “I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.”, “I am polished by adversity.”, “I am changed by the grace of the atonement.”, “I am clean.”, or “I am yours, Father.”? Will we be excited to enter his presence, and receive all that he has, because we have repented, stretched spiritually, consecrated ourselves and our lives and received Christ’s image in our countenances?
I invite you to evaluate your current responses to the questions my husband asked our neighborhood children: “Who are you? What are you supposed to be?” Because our lives are different, each of us will have different answers. But, our goal is the same- to become like Christ. In this process, we need not pretend to be something other than who we are- children of Father in Heaven. We need no artificial disguises of righteousness. We need only to become righteous, or more so, more charitable, more humble, more malleable, and more like Christ.


Becky said...

Intriguing to think about indeed. Halloween is by far my least favorite holiday. So grateful we are now on to Thanksgiving!

Sandrelle said...

Great thoughts my friend!

Mont and Dawna said...

I just finished reading your book "Hard Times and Holy Places" and I was also at your presentation of Time Out For Women in Calgary last month. I was touched by your words there as much as I was by reading your book this week and then now discovering your blog. I will be back often to read your inspiring words and maybe at some point when I'm ready I will send you an email about my own holy places during my hard times.
I love this post about Halloween and how sweet your husband is to ask each person at your door who they are dressed up as. Who are we and how would we answer to a loving Heavenly Father when the time comes...definitely something to think about. Reminds me of knocking on doors on my mission in Wisconsin telling the people behind each door that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. And after your thoughts in this post I am wondering: "Could I say the same thing and be truthful in my professing who I represent."? I think we are all trying to do our best to be His even amid suffering and affliction.
Thanks for all your beautiful insights. You are helping me in a big way to find holy places in my painful spots. Thanks!